Recently, I’ve been experiencing a series of  “serious up wtf really o_O” moments.  And most of them usually fall under 2 categories; you guess them- my job and my “social” life.  I feel real funny even saying that out loud-“social life” tee hee.  Why the quotes you might ask? Because really I am soooo not into this shit!  I’m very shy yall, but I digress…  These are all a part of the shenanigans I go thru in the new DMV life I find myself being thrown into the longer I stay here.  And since I know I’ll be here for at least the next 4-5 years, I’ve decided to chronicle these in a new section in the blog.  Not exactly sure what I wanna call it, but it’ll basically be a weekly anecdotal story/scenario/photo that happened to me or I saw or whatever. 

So I’m taking a poll as to what the name of this section should be.  Don’t worry, all these would be submitted anonymously so please feel free to share.  Either way, I’m goin live with this thing pretty soon because this shit here… 

Can’t wait to read your thoughts!