Yes…that’s right.  You read it right.  Love. Hurts.  Let me explain…

I believe that there are two basic emotions: love & fear.  All others are in some way, a perversion of these two basic emotions.  I could get real deep into this, but I’m not here to preach a sermon, just read ya bibles!

Think about it; the opposite of love is not hate.  How can you hate someone without first, caring about them enough to do so?  The opposite of love, is indifference.  People who you’re indifferent about really can’t truly hurt you.  I mean, sure they can directly do things to inflict harm upon you, but to truly hurt someone, and be hurt by someone, there has to be love in the mix.

Now, love is not abusive.  No, not at all.  Real, unconditional, pure love is not abusive.  Love is patient, and kind, etc etc… read your bibles!

I guess right now I’m hurting a little bit.  Someone very close to me, just told me some news that they were trying to keep from me in what they thought were my best interests.  The news itself is a bit hurtful, because I love this person with all of my heart and the very thought of them being taken away…  But see, that’s where my fears come in.  It’s ok to have fears, to be afraid sometimes, but I cannot allow myself to be fearful.  Nope, not gonna do it.  I have to continue to let love be the dictating force in my life.  Through my tears, I have to continue to love unconditionally.  Despite being confronted with my deepest fears, I will not punk out and hide behind fear.  No, instead I will try my best to brave this storm with love in my heart.

So I’ll be alright; tomorrow’s a better day…

No recipe tonight yall.  I’ll post some tomorrow.