Was just re-reading this one and got a kick out of it lol

Cookin' n Heels

Those of you who know me fairly well, know two things that remain constant in my life:

a)  I LOVE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and

b)  Red is for whores!!!  (tee hee)

Ok so there’s a story behind my second point.  Like to hear it here it go…

When I was younger, like waaaay younger, like maybe 5, I used to always wanna paint my nails.  Aaaaand my color of choice?  You guessed it, red.  Needless to say that things back in the ’80’s were much different than they are now (unfortunately) so my mother, at that time, as well as my aunt, were not too fond of this idea.  Whenever I’d ask my mama if she’d paint my nails red she would always give the reply that I still subconsciously believe to this day: “Red is for Whores.”  0_0

Now, being that I was 5, I did not know what a whore was…

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