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That’s right yall!  It’s “Thirst Trap Tuesday”

Yup its exactly what it sounds like.  We’re using Tuesdays to commemorate all things thirst trap.

A thirst trap is a picture or statement made for attention.  We all know thirsty people, we may even be some of those who I’m speaking of.  Either way, Tuesdays…yeah its goin down!

So this week’s tale is a continuation of the phuckery that I experienced last week.

Yall remember ol’ Gel Nails, right?  Well if you don’t then click the link and read about it.  But yeah I got like a million stories I could tell you regarding this negra, but I’ll let this be the last blog post that I write, because its funny 🙂

So…strike one was when he called me and asked me to come pick him up from school because his car wouldn’t start o_0  Like, dog, that’s some stuff you call your girlfriend and ask her to do.  But I went [begrudgingly] because hey, he did drive like an hour out to me last night…

So when I go to drop him off, his phone ringing constantly and he’s texting constantly like I’m not even sitting beside him in the car btw, which really grinds my gears, one of the calls was from his sister.  He’s telling her what happened and she must have asked how he got home.  And this is where the phuckery begins to ensue.  This nigga said, without hesitation, “My new girlfriend brought me.”

I played it cool yall on the outside.  But believe me, a bitch got instantly pissed off upon hearing that bullshit.   How you gone just make a statement, no an assertion like that and not think to run that by me beforehand???  And before I knew it, I blurted out, in a very sarcastic manner, “Oh, so we go togeva now?”  And of course he tried to laugh it of talmbout he aint that easy.  But we won’t go there.


Of course there’s more to the story, but I’ll end it there.  Trust, when it comes to ol gel nails, most things are better left unsaid.  And I’ll keep it at that.