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Yup. I said it. You read right. No, I’m not crazy and I haven’t lost my mind. Allow me to explain with the following scenario:

Let’s say you go to Nordstrom and you see these bomb ass pair of Sam Edelman boots that you have just got to have. Like I’m talmbout instant shoegasm! But when you go to ask if they have them in your size the sales person informs you that they are on back-order until January. JANUARY!!!!!!! OMFG WTF am I supposed to do until January?!?!?!?!

Meanwhile, you look over on the sale rack and you just so happen upon a pair of leppry pumps by Nine West on the cheap- for like $20. I mean, sure you could buy the sale shoes despite the fact that you already have several pairs of leppry shoes. I mean, what’s one more pair, and they only $20, right? And Nine West is an alright brand. They pretty hit or miss when it comes to style and comfort and quality so you gotta look out. And I mean, you never know; sometimes you might getchu a pair of Nine West shoes and they literally fall apart in 3 months time. It’s not like when I was in college circa 2003 and Nine West was like the bomb.com. Nope, as I’ve gotten older and been exposed to bigger and better AND Nine West decided to start making shitty shoes…yall know what I’m tryina say.

So the decision at hand remains: do you buy the cheaper, more readily available shoes or do you wait for your dream shoes to come off of back order? This can be a tough one for most people. On the one hand it’s like “I mean what’s $20?” But then it’s like, do you really want to just have something for the sake of saying that you have it? Even if you have $20 to spend do you want to take the gamble on something that may or may not be a good product or do you want to wait and use that $20 towards something that you really want and that you know is good?

Allow me to offer this little bit of transparency:

Admittedly, when I was young for several reasons I did not have a lot of shoes. For one, my feet are big & during the early ’90’s shoes just weren’t available to me in my size. So inevitably I ended up having to get shoes from places like Pic n Pay and Payless because they were the only stores that carried my size. So I know what it is to have to settle for a lesser product. I’ll never forget it was class night 2001. I was a senior in high school and I had to speak so my mama went go Payless to get me a pair of shoes to match the dress that she had bought for the occasion. When I tell you that I was in so much pain…from the soles of my feet to the top of my head while standing at that podium giving my speech. Never again. I vowed then and there that I’d never buy shoes from those places again.

To me, opting for the sale shoes is tantamount to settling or accepting what’s available to you in order to satisfy an immature urge. Of course the fact that I couldn’t get shoes when I was young made me want to get all the shoes in the world when I got older. But now that I’m an adult and have matured I realize that I’m not the same needy little girl pining away for something that she couldn’t have. I have shoes now (too many) and they aren’t in such short supply as they were 20 or so years ago. Sure sometimes she may try to come out but I try to remember that I’m a whole person. I’d rather get exactly what I want than to settle for something that could be a waste of time, money and energy. Hell, if the shoes are made poorly enough they may even be damaging to my feet. And my mama used to always tell me to that once you mess your feet up then that’s it. I see so many people just taking the readily available shoes and ending up hurt so nawl, I’m good.

So I don’t mind waiting for my dream shoes to come in off of back order. I’m sure I’ll still want them-if they bomb like that then they’re classic and timeless and never go out of style. Every so often I’ll call to check to see if they ready and if they not then I’ll chill. They won’t get tired of me calling cuz we all know Nordstrom has bomb ass customer service- they want that sale yall. Hell the sales person may even call me one day out the blue and tell me they came in early- imagine that!

We gotta take care of our feet yall- we only get one set to carry us through this life.

Today’s “Thirst Trap Tuesday” post is brought to you by the letter D and the number 2 and was made possible by thirsty bitches everywhere. 😉

For most of yall this will go right over your heads, and that’s ok- you just aint there yet.