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It’s Messy Monday Yall!

And if you’ll allow me to be a little mess y just for a sec, I need to get some shit offa my chest:

You know, people kill me!  Not ALL people, but certain types of people really do kill me!  Like the shit never gets old…

Old ass hags kill me!  Like now that I’m a little ‘older’ (tee hee), Idk if it’s always been this way but I certainly notice the onslaught of old bishes thirst trappin to be on the increase.  I swear ta Gawd if I look on my instagram or facebook one more time and see somebody’s 45 year old saggy ass long nips posted all up and thru with the caption something like ‘My kids getting on my nerves’ I’mma die.  Did you really have to fix your hair and put on that low cut ass top to post that pic tho?

And you know who else kills me?  Insensitive ass people.  People really just don’t be thinking most of the time and end up doing some of the most stoopid and insensitive shit ever!  Like what happened to a little consideration before you say or do certain shit?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m the most blunt person on Earf but I don’t just say the first shit that comes to my mind ALL the time, especially when I know people have they own narratives they tryina get through in this life.  The saga continues…it’s the holidays and of course I’m missing ma like hell (as if I needed that excuse, right?).  But just because I’m not walking round a visible hot ass mess doesn’t mean that I’m ‘over it’ and I wanna hear about your bullshit that don’t eem matter in the grand scheme of things.  Now I know people may not mean no harm, but that don’t mean they can’t still do harmful shit, and I just don’t care to try to excuse alla they ignorant ass behavior alla time.  But that’s just me.

Oh and how can I forget about selfish ass people?  I’m not talmbout selfish in the literal ‘this is mine’ type of sense, but people who are sooooooooooo narcissistic that they can’t be bothered to get they own head out they ass.  Take it from someone who is totally in love with themselves, that there’s a difference in being self-absorbed and having self-esteem.  Self absorbed people actually aren’t totally concerned with themselves like you’d think; if they were then the’d be the happiest, healthiest people on Earf.  Actually most of the self-absorbed people I know don’t think much of themselves at all- which is why they soooo focused on other people’s lives.

[end of rant].

Collard Greens

I don’t know how effective this recipe will be, cuz honestly I really don’t follow a collard green recipe.  But yall been asking me to post one so I guess this is my shot at doing that.


So…here goes…

In a large pot on medium-high, boil your ham hocks or turkey necks or whatever kind of meat you plan on seasoning these greens with.  If you don’t want to use meat, you can use bouillon and add some chicken stock to the water for flavor.

After the meat is done and falling off the bone, after about 30 mins or so, add the washed greens to the pot and crushed red pepper flakes and cover.  (You can just eyeball it with the red pepper flakes, but remember these things are spicy!).

Let the greens cook down and continue to stir.  Taste them as you go and add the salt and pepper accordingly.  If the greens taste a little too bitter, you can add a little sugar and allow them to cook.  It’s always better to add a little at a time cuz once you add too much sugar then you end up with too sweet greens.  Again all depending on your tastes.

When the greens are done, but not mushy (preference), cook them in a cast iron skillet with the meat and just a little bit of the water.  Some people add oil to the skillet but again its all up to you.  Fry the greens until they are done enough to your liking.