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There are some things in life that I feel that, as a woman I just shouldn’t have to do-and tasks involving a car falls into that category.  Serious up I hate pumping gas.  And on the low I don’t eem like to take my car to get it washed; like I just believe that is a man’s work.

Now of course I have knowledge of how to do these things but chial bye!  That’s really come out of necessity since I’m not married and I have to do this whole “independent” woman shit.  Call it bougie or whatever you want, but that shit is a man’s work #kanyeshrug.  There’s a lot of other things on said list but maybe I’ll do another post on that another day…

So…yeah… as I was coming to NC for Thanksgiving after I got through Richmond I noticed a burnt plastic smell in the car.  Not gone lie I really thought it was another car like outside so I closed my vent and still smelled it 😯 So shit got real yall.  I stopped to let Dutchess pee and opened my hood to find that the silver big thing in my car (prolly the engine?) was smoking a little bit.  No gawd!!! So I did what anybody in my situation would do, I called my brother lol.  So he was like check the oil and won’t no oil in it yall.  I mean, I know my maintenance light was on but I didn’t think like when you need an oil change that ALL the oil go out the car.

But anyway tho… I went to the Exxon across the way from the Hardee’s I had stopped at off I-85, (some of yall might now where I’m talmbout) and paid $12 for 2 bottles of oil- not cute.  But then I gets back to the car to pour it into wherever it’s supposed to go and I run into a problem.  Well, first I aint know where to pour it.  Then I couldn’t get the damn cap off!  That shit was on there with the jaws of life yall.  So I did what anyone who was in my situation would do- I started crying lol!  Yup, whenever I’m frustrated- I cry.  Sad- I cry.  Mad-cry, Happy-cry; you get the point.  So then I look up and this old man came and got the cap off and basically saved my life.  I tell you Jesus is my homie cuz he is always right on time for me!  Chial I was abt to blow my motor up!

Yall, make sure you get your car maintenance done when you supposed to.  Chial…


But you know what I can do is cook and that’s what I’m good at.  No yall don’t understand.  I know some women say they cook, but no I really cook.  Like I’m cookin for real.  Just cuz you bake don’t mean u necessarily a good cook…buhleedat!  But no serious up you can make these they madd easy.  And I’mma prolly be playing with this recipe in the near future.  Like they taste good plain, but I bet they’d be even better with some cheese or something… so stay tuned.


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 c milk
  • 2 tbsp melted butter
  • 1 c flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Preheat oven to 400ºF

Spray a popover pan (or in my case, a muffin pan), with nonstick cooking spray or grease it with butter.

So basically you go in order:  You wisk the eggs then add the milk then add the butter.  It’s better if all of these things are room temperature of course.  Then you add the flour and salt and you whip the hell outta that batter for a good 5 mins.

Put the pan in the oven for like 5 mins so that it’s nice and hot.  Then pour the batter into each cup, about 3/4 of the way full.  Bake for about 30-40 mins until they visibly look like popovers and are a golden brown.