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Happy New YearS yall! 😉

LMAO!!!  Don’t you hate it when you get all those random ass mass text messages on holidays from people who you don’t even have they number in your phone no more?

I’ve never been one for making New Year’s resolutions.  I believe that as people we should always be constantly changing and if we’re not, then how are we growing?  And you know I’m all about personal growth, which doesn’t require it to be December 31st for it to happen.

But in light of this new year, instead of making resolutions I wanna try something different.  I saw a post over on the facebook today where this woman blogged about the ‘14 f!@ks she no longer gave in 2014‘ and it was high-lar-re-ous! This got me to thinking though…so I came up with my own type of list of sorts.  So, here it is for you all to enjoy!  Or not, I really don’t gaf either way 0_0

The 14 things that I will #neverforget in 2014

14.  I will #neverforget that I don’t have to make any explanations for who I am or what I say or do.  What I do does not require any justification for anyone, except for myself.  As long as my conscious is clear, then that’s all that matters.  Chial Mollie is at Concord, so… who gone check me boo?  If who I am bothers you, then tough titty.  If you can’t handle the fuckery that comes out of my mouth from time to time then you probably shouldn’t be in my presence.  Sometimes I’m rude and a bit curt, but never deliberately malicious.  And if you beg to differ then bye Felicia!

13.  Conversely, I will #neverforget just how fabulous I am!   #buhleedat!

12.  I’ll definitely #neverforget that I come first.  It’s tough, considering I’m a giving person, and as women we’re conditioned to put ourselves last and etc. But I’m getting old yall and life is getting shorter and shorter and it’s too precious for me to keep purposefully neglecting myself and my wants/needs/desires for someone else’s.  This will be tough, but it needs to happen.

11.  I gotta keep my therapy appointments.  Don’t judge me. Mental health and hygiene is important yall. #neverforget

10.  Stoopid people who do ignant shit alla time are an abomination that must be stopped.  Its like the less attention you give them, the harder it is for them to survive.  Not everyone deserves your time, energy or even your words. #neverforget

9.  The vision that I have for my life moving forward.  And it does not include living out of fear of what will happen if I ___.  But instead trying to go after what I want un-apologetically and wholeheartedly.  This will probably mean that I’ll lose a few people along the way because in order to get to where I wanna be I have to align myself with like-minded people, which brings me to my next point…

8.  If I want love and goodness and abundance and happiness to flow in my life, then I have to guard myself very carefully against toxicity.  That is, people who are hell bent on constantly speaking destruction rather than life into their own lives as well as the lives of others.  Sure I’m critical af sometimes and we all get in our funks.  Lord knows I have my days myself.  But I can’t come out of my funk if you’re content with being there with me.

7.  Not everybody wants to be truly happy; most people are content with satisfying their own selfish desires that oftentimes arise out of their deepest fears or inadequacies.  This year, I will #neverforget to not confuse the two and end up living on this superficial level with these superficial people who think they got it figured out.

6.  Conversely, I will #neverforget that not everyone shares the same beliefs as I do, about everything. And a lot of people are perfectly content with living superficially.  And that’s ok.

5.  I’m starting this year off with a very limited number of fucks.  Very limited.  Maybe one per month or even less. And I plan on using them very sparingly.  #neverforget

4.  I will #neverforget that I’m a doc student yall.  No serious up, this is like a whole different level of stuff that I’m dealing with and it really requires that I give it all of my time and attention.  Now, mind you I probably won’t realistically do this.  But I do need to put forth more effort than I have in the past.  It’s tough when you’re not the best student and you’ve been able to do very well with giving minimal effort.  Now is the time for me to shit or get off the pot if I’mma be great.  I can’t bullshit a dissertation.

3.  I will #neverforget that I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval in order to live.  I have got to stand on my own two feet.  It’s all apart of coming into my own as a woman.  The only person that I have to answer to is my Jesus– not yours, but mines 😉  #neverforget

2.   My time is just as valuable as anyone else’s.   In fact, to me, its even more valuable cuz it’s my time.  Its my most precious asset and it is not to be wasted on people who do not bother give me any of their time.  I’m talmbout the people who only call me when they have a problem and they want me to listen to them or give them advice.  I’ll #neverforget to say fuck these people!  If you want me to listen to your shit and give you advice, then let’s draw up a contract so that I can at least bill you for a clinical hour.  Otherwise, he doctor is out.

1.  I’ll #neverforget to keep stuntin on these heaux in every way imaginable.  Admittedly, from time to time, I found myself holding back just to maintain the level of comfort in the room because I don’t like conflict or discomfort.  Whether it was what I said or how I acted or even carried myself.  But quiet as its kept, conflict and discomfort are a part of life.  Sure I don’t seek out to go around starting shit alla time, and I’m gonna hold my tongue when need be.  But sometimes when it’s time to speak up I gotta speak up.  When it’s time to flourish, I’mma flourish.  20140102-132458.jpg

Stay mad.