Poppeth. Offeth.

I know that’s what the world seems to be going crazy about- the fact that President Barack the Obama used the term ‘pop off’ during a press conference [and I got ALL of the lives!].  However, I’mma use this time to do an update on cuffing season- kind of.

According to the calendar,  we’re well into the season and you should probably have your main lineup on deck.  Sure you may have some free agents trying to workout with the team to see if they a good fit, but mostly things should be pretty solidified.  You should also be looking forward to some pretty regular Netflix and Chill evenings in.

In a lot of cases, the sheer volume of interest can make it hard to weed people out.  HOWEVER, it has been my experience this season that they do a pretty good job of doing it to themselves.  Please feel free to refresh your memory here and here.  But there seems to be a latest trend that I’ve noticed in recent weeks- a whole new level of phuckery.

I wonder what it is about me that makes people think it’s ok to tell me they innermost thoughts and shit.  I mean, granted I am who I am professionally, emphasis on the PRO, but in my day to day, I am not here to be your therapist bitch!  And I have had it with all these butt-hurt ass mens that seem to think it’s ok to talk to me about they ex’s!  Like, what in the whole entire fuck!?!?

Within our first text message exchange, I do not, repeat: DO NOT wanna hear about how all these bitches done did you wrong in the past or how you been single for years cuz the last bitch lied to you or how women say they love you but they really dont…  IDGAF!  What that got to do with me?  I’m not here for none of it.  None. Of. It.

And girl!  Then when I call you out (nicely I might add) and say imo maybe you shouldn’t try to date but perhaps its best that you try and work through some of your issues so you won’t have this ‘fuck these bitches’ attitude that is blaring through your every word, you get offended and wanna pop off on me!

You can’t handle me calling you out on your butt hurt ass feelings?  You THAT sensitive?  Then you definitely shouldn’t be trying to date, especially not me cuz this bitch definitely aint the one!

See, what these heaux is really doing is trolling tf outta me (and prolly anyone else who will listen) so they can feel better.  They want somebody to swoop in and say “Oh, there there girl, don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’ll find a better bitch” or better yet “Well I’m not like that…I’d never do that…I won’t leave you…I’ll stay here and stroke your fragile ass ego…” Nope.  not here for that.  What this does is it sets a tone that is troublesome at best.  The relationship is being established on feeling, particularly you making them feel good, and that shit aint cute.  Cuz we all know how feelings change sometimes in a matter of minutes.  It’s really the most insidious form of manipulation cuz its veiled in genuineness, but it aint.  Besides, the shit’s a fucking turn off!

And furthermore, if you feel this way, then why are you trying to date girl? Why even bother?  Get that draining ass shit tf outta here!