Google it.

I’ve been wondering what my next move is- not just in life in general, but pacifically when it comes to this site.  I do miss writing (I write posts all the time, just don’t publish them); or Idk…I miss something.  And if I’mma keep paying for this domain name then I need to buss a move.

Needless to say that I’m a very different person than I was when I started this blog back in early 2012.  Lots happened since then…lot of growth…life changes…I feel…different.  I still love to cook, and I cook all the time- those of you who follow me on the snap or IG know this.  But I don’t know, I can’t put my finger on this one yall.  I still love a good shoe-shout out to HauteLook for the Frye event today!  But I can’t deny the fact that my voice has changed; 5 years is a long time.

I like doing this blog and I do miss it, but if I am to continue to do this then it’s going to probably look a little different moving forward. Older, stronger, wiser, better, much better.  But you know what I don’t like?  b.a.n.’s. Those of you who need to know what the acronym means will catch on, and if you don’t then you should probably rethink your visit to this site.  There’s a delicate balance that I have to keep in mind if I continue to share things online in this arena.  I have to be more intentional about my digital image and shit now yall- feds is watching, new level, new devil, [insert other cliche’s here].

I’m still not 100% that I’ll keep writing this blog, but I do know that if I do decide to publish here again it’ll prolly be on different conditions.  I’ll continue to share recipes (when I feel like it), but in terms of content, not so sure.  Fall is here, the weather is changing, the holidays are approaching, and Winter soon some.  Yall know what that means:


…and somebody’s gotta teach you heaux how to boil water so you can get chose 😉